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True Wireless Mic

For Content Creators

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近日有多名消費者向本公司詢問,本公司對於「Saibinetek Smartmike+」智能藍牙麥克風商品(下稱本產品)是否有合法代理權。經本公司調查後,竟發現網路上有不實指稱本產品為水貨,在中華民國境內沒有代理商。本公司為端正視聽,於此特為本聲明書,聲明事項如下:

  1. 本公司為「Saibinetek Smartmike+」之全球合法代理商,並已於2019年11月1日取得中華民國合法進口權(NCC證號CCAK19LP2220T7)。「Saibinetek Smartmike+」,於中華民國境內為合法且正式之代理商。

  2. 任何不實指控本公司未經合法代理本產品之情,已嚴重影響本公司商譽,該行徑恐觸犯刑事毀謗罪及民事侵權行為等情,本公司保有民刑事訴追權利。

  3. 本公司在此呼籲,任何人若再行對本公司所代理之產品,做非法不實指控,本公司將以正當司法途徑捍衛自身權利。在此呼籲君子自重,勿再以身試法。

A Must-have Compact

Wireless Mic for Every Vlogger

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Light, Small

Only 14g, 1.2x1.6x5.8cm


Auto-Sync with video in real time


Work with phone and DSLR

Record and mix multichannel audio

Automated transcription

48kHz stereo

Real Time Wireless Stereo Sound Transmission and Synchronization 

It's Never Been Easier! 

Bluetooth connection
SmartMike+ APP or cooperative app can be used for video wireless simultaneously

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Record Stereo & Auto-Sync with Video in Real Time

SmartMike+ is also the world’s first mic that transmits wireless, multi-channel audio at ultra low-latency within a range of 15 meters, synchronize audio and video in real time. And the powerful SmartMike+ App support one-touch simultaneous output.

TWS Mode

Capture Audio from

Two SmartMike+s Simultaneously

You can record audio from two SmartMike+s simultaneously (TWS Mode), which is ideal for group interviews, concerts, wedding receptions or other large venues and events. 


Mix Different Audio Channels in Real Time

SmartMike+ allows you to mix audio from different audio sources in real time. Using your smartphone to create and remix lip sync, music, and dance videos (with your favorite music, shows, and movies) has never been easier!

Multi-Lever Denoising


With an embedded intelligent algorithm SmartMike+ is always prepared to record optimum acoustics by reducing sounds like wind or background noise such as people chatting. 


Master/Slave Mode

Use one SmartMike+ as receiver and the other as microphone.

In powerful M/S (Master/Slave) mode, SmartMike+s can be used with any video recording devices to capture studio quality audio that matches the equally professional video; or with any speakers to amplify the captured audio. Simply hook up one SmartMike+ to your digital camera/ GoPro/ PC/ speaker via a 3.5mm 3-pole male-to-male AUX cable to act as a receiver. Long pressing the button for 10s to pair this SmartMike+ with another (to act as a microphone) via Bluetooth.


Automated Transcription of Video, Powered by AI Tech

SmartMike+ recognizes, auto transcripts, and auto generates subtitle files for over 100 languages.

Powerful SmartMike+ App

OTA Upgrade

SmartMike+ comes with free iPhone and Android apps that gives you total control over your audio and video creation and content. The latest apps and updates for your SmartMike+ can be effortlessly downloaded via OTA. 


Why SmartMike+?



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